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The recovery, performance, or transformational path with NeurOptimal® varies from person to person. This is because NeurOptimal® is assisting the brain and central nervous system (CNS) to operate according to its own natural potential rather than forcing any predetermined path toward any predetermined outcome. Considering that everyone is starting from a different position with a unique history this is particularly relevant. Apart from the natural ease and flow, the change process can be talked about globally in five general overlapping and interactive aspects.

If you make the decision to purchase a NeurOptimal® System after reviewing this information or speaking with me, I would greatly appreciate your putting my name down (Craig Walker) on your order as someone who helped you make this decision. In return, I can then provide you with maximum support on your purchase and throughout your time in using your system. If another person has also assisted you in making this important decision, please do mention them as well. Thank you!

  1. Stabilizing of the Central Nervous System:
  2. During this process people begin to feel deeply relaxed, mind quieting between sessions, sleep improvements, decrease in reactivity, and generally, feeling more settled.

  3. Beginning of deep unconscious processing:
  4. Further improvements in the above benefits and stability, occasional vivid dreaming for some, life begins to feel easier, energy begins to increase, alertness increases, increased endurance, mood stability, noticeable improvements in psyche and response times.

  5. Improved processing:
  6. Improved stability and efficiency along with freeing up of psychological energy brings increases in attention, focus, mind / body and eye / hand coordination, adaptability and flexibility, increased awareness, increased presence, decision making easier and faster, more creative, better response times, increased intuition, improved access to higher resources, coping significantly better, sense of self clearer and more stable, able to reference internally more easily for decision making, clarity in thought, identification of emotions and processing of them without being overwhelmed.

    Significant shifts can occur seamlessly with increased adaptability and flexibility such that you may feel like you have always been this way. Increased awareness leads to objective observation of own and others behavior, along with environmental dynamics in general. As a result of developing mindfulness, the developmental and transformational processes are receiving uncontaminated feedback for further enhancement of outcomes.

  7. Smooth traveling:
  8. Carrying the benefits easily from session to session, finding that the old ‘you’ is getting harder to recall as you settle into the emergence of increased capacity, better functioning, and a stronger positive sense of self. Life experience is now driving the growth and transformational process, and confidence develops as you become familiar with this growing sense of self control.

  9. Into the future:
  10. Once your Central Nervous System is functioning according to its inherent design and capacity, the gains will continue to unfold independently of NeurOptimal®. Most people are happy with this level of improvement and stop training. Others briefly dip in and out of the NeurOptimal® process over time, for additional benefits or for assistance with periods of unhealthy stress.

What to Expect - The NeurOptimal® Session Experience

A NeurOptimal® session is a pleasant experience.

The brain does all the work. No conscious effort is required on your client’s part. The central nervous system is hard-wired to take in information and use it to organize itself. There is nothing else your client needs to do other than come along to gain the benefits of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback training, as there is no need to control thoughts, emotions, concentration, think of anything in particular or do anything else to make it work better. By the time they have consciously registered the interruption in the music their brain has already responded to it. So there is nothing you need to do or can do during the session that will improve outcomes.

  1. Client intake:
  2. Before the first NeurOptimal® session, you will be asked to to fill out some paperwork, talk abput how you are feeling and what you want to achieve in coming to your training sessions.

  3. Getting situated:
  4. You wil be seated in a comfortable chair and face a computer monitor if you wish to watch a movie or the visualizations. Otherwise, you can recline and close your eyes.

  5. Sensor placement:
  6. Two sensors are placed on the scalp and another three are placed on the ears.

  7. Use of ear buds, headphones or speakers on either side of you:
  8. Earbuds, headphones are then placed in/on your ears or speakers placed so that you can easily hear the music.

  9. Enjoying the session:
  10. Once the training begins, you will hear the music with very brief, occasional interrupts and you will be able to watch a random visualization on a monitor if you desire.

User Friendly

NeurOptimal® is truly “plug and play” with no complicated set-up or expertise required. For all of its internal design complexity, NeurOptimal’s® ease-of-use gives it a significant advantage over other systems.

Diagnostically Agnostic

Instead of targeting specific symptoms, NeurOptimal® focuses on optimizing overall brain function. This approach naturally ameliorates most complaints, whatever their source.


When you are training, no electricity, vibration or external signal is going into the brain. In addition, brain training with NeurOptimal® does not target specific areas of the brain nor does it push the brain in any direction by giving it goals to achieve, decided by an “expert”. In this way, NeurOptimal® is globally effective while remarkably free of unwanted side effects.

100% Natural

Each brain is unique and knows the best way to “correct” itself for improved efficiency. NeurOptimal® simply provides the central nervous system with information about its own activity. Given the right information the brain can naturally optimize itself.


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