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System Sales Facilitated By Craig Walker

As an authorized associate representative for NeurOptimal®, I will be pleased to assist you with a NeurOptimal Professional or Personal System and guarantee life-time support for you in this most important purchase and commitment to your health.

If you make the decision to purchase a NeurOptimal® System after reviewing this information or speaking with me, I would greatly appreciate your putting my name down (Craig Walker) on your order as someone who helped you make this decision. In return, I can then provide you with maximum support on your purchase and throughout your time in using your system. If another person has also assisted you in making this important decision, please do mention them as well. Thank you!

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Craig Walker
Certified Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer
I recently completed a very successful 25-year career with the County of Yolo, State of California. I have completed both Basic and Advanced Certification and I have experienced over 500 self-training sessions, and I continue to make NeurOptimal® a daily part of my life. I am proud to be an Instructor and Representative for the Zengar Institute and provide technical support to Global users of NeurOptimal® and also moderate the Facebook Support Group and Community forum. I look forward to helping you meet your goals as well as supporting you with your purchase of this amazing technology.


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